According to the philosophy of the Planet Kids English Language Center, continuing education programs are extremely important in the early years.

During this period, all children take advantage of development and learning, so the environment we provide can provide an opportunity to exploit the child’s enthusiasm, openness to new experiences and receptivity in the child’s most receptive years.


We have created our educational program to:

  • develop children,
  • taking into account that each child develops at a different pace,
  • especially in the areas of writing,
  • reading and mathematics, motivate children to learn,
  • prepare children for school work.


Our main objectives to achieve the goals set out in the education program are:

  • identification of children’s individual needs,
  • developing a positive and realistic self-image,
  • building a positive relationship with adults,
  • encouraging the child’s creative self-expression,
  • developing and developing the ability to pay attention and self-help,
  • improving language skills through speech,
  • listening and drama, developing large and fine motor movements to the highest possible level,
  • development and stimulation of cognitive abilities.

In our institution, we have created so-called learning centers: arts, social and natural sciences, home economics, drama, language and mathematics. The whole group is involved in music classes and the development of big motor movements.