Planet Kids is an English-speaking Kindergarten and Baby Group

with the developed a program that we have designed to align with the national core curriculum for Kindergarten Education and complement it with the specifics of our kindergarten: our main topics are math, language learning, art, literature, science, and social literacy.

We make our educational plan more interesting with artistic knowledge, computer skills, Hungarian and English preparatory classes, movement, musical experiences and “green” methods.

Their child will listen to music every day, as a result of which she/he will recognize several classical music composers.

Planet Kids treats children as individuals. The development of the individual is as important as academic education, the child learns to take care of himself, his environment, others – to move skillfully during cooking, cleaning, construction, to speak respectfully, to be considered and helpful.

The assessment is constantly updated based on the observations of the kindergarten teachers. The key to how the system works is the child’s behavior, their happiness, their cordiality, their love of learning, and their ability to work.

At Planet Kids, we encourage children to:

  • discover, marvel at it and ask!
  • experiment and play!
  • look for the information!
  • invent and implement your ideas!
  • work while solving problems!

Our kindergarten teachers combine a variety of teaching methods that allow our students (and kindergarten teachers) to build and develop their skills year after year. Planet Kids is a place for a toddler to start learning playfully. Our kind, family-oriented team provides a great foundation for our universal programs

They are all qualified in dealing with young children in the field of children with general or special needs and have a paper on this, can be informed and have taken a first aid course.